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Creating the look and feel of a website involves considering many factors. To make this process more manageable, website design and development can be broken down into seven steps:

  1. Website Design Information gathering
  2. Planning and Strategy, Wireframing
  3. Website Design / Graphic Design
  4. Website Development / Building
  5. Website Design Testing
  6. Website Delivery and Launch
  7. Website Management / Maintenance
Step 1: Website Design Information Gathering

Plainsail Solutions carefully analyze what you want, define the purpose for the website design and establish its goals. Plainsail Solutions will need to collect all the necessary information for the project. To do this, we ask relevant questions to better understand your business needs. Most commonly, websites aim to share information and make money, or both.  Once this is done, we will create a draft project schedule with a rough plan for your web design.


Site Structure

Step 2: Planning and Strategy, Wireframing

Now, with the information gathered in step one, it’s time to create a detailed plan for the website. At Plainsail Solutions we start by developing a site map, which is a list of all the main topics on the website, including sub-topics if needed. This map clarifies what content will be on the website and helps design its navigational structure, ensuring an easy user experience. Also, we research your target audience. Understand their age, interests, and habits to determine the best design style for the website.

Step 3: Website Design / Graphic Design

During this phase, Plainsail Solutions will focus on applying visual elements like the logo and brand colors tastefully to strengthen the website’s brand identity. Plainsail Solutions typically creates one or more prototypes representing the final website look. Creating clickable prototypes can help the client experience the website before development starts. Effective communication is crucial during this step, involving email exchanges and content sharing. We make sure the final website matches your needs and vision through idea exchange and brainstorming.



Step 4: Website Development / Building

At this point, the design ready, typically in static images. However, it needs to be translated into code like HTML/CSS, with additional animations, JavaScript etc. Plainsail Solutions will start by developing the homepage and then create a template for the interior pages. We will populate these internal pages with content, and implement elements like interactive contact forms and e-commerce shopping carts.

Communication is also crucial at this step to incorporate your feedback and make necessary corrections.

Step 5: Website Design Testing

Now that the content and visuals are in place, Plainsail Solutions will start testing every page to ensure all links work, and the website displays correctly in various browsers and devices. Even small details like word order in titles and descriptions can affect search engine performance.

Additionally, this step involves Search Engine Optimization (SEO) activities. SEO optimizes your website’s title, description, and keyword tags to improve its search engine rankings, making it more visible and easy to discover.



Step 6: Website Delivery and Launch

Once you give the final approval, it’s time to launch the website. Before going live, Plainsail Solutions will thoroughly review the site to ensure all files are uploaded correctly, and everything functions properly.

Step 7: Website Management / Maintenance

After the website is live, it typically requires regular maintenance. Plainsail solutions can conduct user testing on new content and features to enhance usability and discoverability. This may lead to new design and development tasks, as your website grows and evolves with your business. Plainsail Solutions has the maintenance packages to suit your needs and your budget. Call us today or complete the form below.


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