What We Do

Website Design & Development

As a professional Nigerian web design company, we help businesses just like yours design and implement successful strategies on the web and for your IT requirements with a full suite of services including web site design, application development, website management, Search engine optimization and Internet marketing.

Our experience and infrastructure ensures that the websites we design, develop and optimise exceed our client’s expectations. We also firmly believe in excellent communication with our clients. From an initial, no-obligation consultation with one of our business development managers, to your assigned web designer – who is always just a phone call away.

Web Design: How We Do It

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Website Reseach
  • Production Of Brief: An initial meeting is used to define the requirements of the project and to produce a brief.
  • Research: We research your business requirements, come up with ideas, identify competitors and so on…
  • Time scale Estimates: Based upon the brief, we estimate the time involved to complete the project. This includes a full cost proposal, project plan and site plan.
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Website Design
  • Information Architecture: How the site will navigate and how the information on the site will be organised is decided upon. This is based on the site plan outlined in the previous stage.
  • Visual Design: A mock up for the look and feel of the site is produced. This design is then refined in an iterative process until the final design is agreed upon.
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Website Development
  • Production: The final design is then built based upon the mock ups from the previous stage.
  • Development: All programming and development work is done and integrated with the front end design. Clients have access to development server at all times.
  • Ongoing Testing: The work is constantly tested as part of the development process.
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Website Launch
  • Final Testing: Once the site is complete, it is rigorously tested and any bugs are ironed out.
  • Site Launch: The final site is uploaded to the live web site and launched.
  • Support: Plainsail Solutions provides an online support and maintenance solution.
  • Marketing: Any agreed online marketing activities are executed.

Nigerian Web Design Quote

Why choose us?

  • Our websites are flexible
  • We put you in control
  • Friendly, personable service
  • No hidden fees
  • Custom website designs
  • We do all of our own design work
  • Cross browser tested
  • Professional Service
  • SEO Optimized
  • Solid and clean code
  • Ongoing support
Website Design Nigeria by Plainsail Solutions

Website Hosting & Servers

Looking for reliable Web Hosting?

Web Hosting Server in nigeria

Plainsail Solutions Limited provides award winning hosting for any business website site. We also provide dedicated servers, shared hosing, VPS, 24/7 support, free applications and more. Our server technology is rated as one of the best in the world. We have servers located in UK, USA, and Germany.

  • [>] Dedicated Servers
  • [>] VPS Servers
  • [>] Shared Hosting Plans
  • [>] Unlimited Plans
  • [>] Network Hosting
  • [>] SSL Certificates Available
  • [>] Linux & Windows Servers
  • [>] 24/7 Support
  • [>] Email Exchange & Management
  • [>] Domain Management
  • [>] Data Storage for media, video and more...

Online Marketing

We can help you find a solution.

Nigerian SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Having a great web site means nothing if no one will ever see it. Let Plainsail Solutions Limited market and promote your web site for you.

E-marketing gives businesses of any size access to the mass market at an affordable price and, unlike TV or print advertising, it allows truly personalised marketing.

Plainsail Solutions Limited have developed a thorough understanding of the techniques and strategies of internet or online marketing. We are skilled at driving traffic to your web site, increasing its “stickiness”, and building loyalty amongst your customers. Correctly applied internet marketing can provide a highly cost effective way to grow your customer base and increase your average customer spend.

Techniques applied include:

  • [>] search engines and directories
  • [>] banners, building links and net communities
  • [>] viral marketing
  • [>] e-mail marketing
  • [>] Social Media marketing
  • [>] Paid marketing: facebook, google etc

Website Review & Management

Outsource Your Website Management

Website Design Review Nigeria

If your website is an important part of your business, then it is important to keep it professionally managed. However, if you haven’t got a dedicated web team it can be a challenge and there’s a risk it could be under performing. For a fixed monthly fee we’ll manage and grow your web presence making sure it’s driving value into your organization.

Our team of designers, coders, technicians and search marketing experts are perfectly placed to make sure your website is as good as it can be and our services include:

  • [>] Website Review and Report
  • [>] Design Services
  • [>] Content Creation Services
  • [>] Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • [>] Social Media Management
  • [>] Site Backups
  • [>] Security Audits and Fixes
  • [>] Proactive Development
  • [>] Day to Day Support

In short we can handle all the technical aspects (hosting, bug fixing, back-ups, disaster recovery) as well as your search marketing and social media. Your website is often the first contact a potential customer will have with your company, does that thought make you smile or cringe with embarrassment?

Our site management services let you build your business, safe in the knowledge that your website is growing with you and giving visitors the right impression and latest information about your business.

Search Engine Optimization

We provide the best SEO solutions

Review Nigerian Websites

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, Bing and Yahoo together make up the single largest, most targeted and efficient marketing platform in history. Over 90% of internet users use Google on a regular basis to find products and services, both online and offline.

Your website should be drawing in thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of potential new clients every month. Having a website that ranks on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo is no longer a luxury- it is a necessity for any modern marketing strategy.

But SEO has come a long way since the back-room link building of the early 21st Century. To put it simply, many of the tactics that SEOs have been using no longer work, and many even work against your website. This is why it is essential to find an SEO Company that works with only the highest quality, most pioneering and Google-friendly tactics, to guarantee success, sustainability and profitability.

At Plainsail Solutions Limited we offer the following services as part of our SEO approach:

  • [>] High Quality Link Building
  • [>] Expert Content Creation
  • [>] Web Site Optimization
  • [>] Cutting Edge Social Media Marketing
  • [>] Beautiful Design
  • [>] Online PR
  • [>] Local Optimization
  • [>] Vertical Optimization
  • [>] Conversion Rate Optimization
  • [>] Advanced Analytic, Competitor and Consumer Tracking

Our algorithmic and analytical approach to Search Engine Optimization requires attention to the constantly changing landscape of search. When the search engines change their requirements, we are right behind them in changing our tactics. This allows us to stay at the forefront of the industry, and our clients to stay at the top of the Search Engine Results Pages. We are interested in one thing and one thing only- generating the most profitable campaigns for all of our clients.

Plainsail Solutions Limited are always looking for new ways to improve your rankings, amalgamating both traditional and cutting edge approaches to send your business to the top of Google. Bing, Yahoo and the rest!

But SEO goes far beyond taking a simple rankings approach. Everyone knows that results positions change month by month. We gauge our success not simply on consistently high rankings, but on pervasively increasing site traffic, lowering bounce rates and increasing conversions.

This is why Plainsail Solutions Limited is considered to be both an international and local SEO expert.

Create your unique Nigerian website with the fresh and interactive designs offered by Plainsail Solutions Limited. Tell us what you want...

Our Portfolio

Some Websites We Have Designed:

The London Nigerian
The London Nigerian website design by Plainsail Solution
Responsive Web Design, Content Management System, Blog, SEO
Chase Executive Business Services
Chase Executive Business Servicess Website design
Corporate Web Design, Content Management System, Blog, SEO
Day Waterman College
DWC web designer osun nigeria
Bespoke Web Design, CMS, Blog, SEO, Calendar, Application Form, Social Media
Mama Calabar
Mama Calabar London Restaurant Website Design
Bespoke Web Design, Menu, CMS, SEO, Social media
Text Nigerian
Text Nigeria Web Design
Corporate Web Design, Contact Form, SEO
Nigerian Jobs Market
Nigerian Jobs Market web designs
Portal Web Design, CMS, SEO, Social Media, Logo

Plainsail Solutions

We are an experienced Nigerian website design company. We create interactive, modern, eye-catching Nigerian websites. We help you build strong online presence for your business by creating a professional website which best suits your needs and target audience.

We're passionate about helping businesses improve their online user experience and therefore generate more traffic to their website and increase online sales.

Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will.
– George Bernard Shaw