how to design professional web sites
Production Of Brief
An initial meeting is used to define the requirements of the project and to produce a brief.
We research your business requirements, come up with initial ideas, identify competitors and so on…
Time scale Estimates
Based upon the brief, we estimate the time involved to complete the project. This includes a full cost proposal, project plan and site plan.
Information Architecture
How the site will navigate and how the information on the site will be organised is decided upon. This is based on the site plan outlined in the previous stage.
Visual Design
A mock up for the look and feel of the site is produced. This design is then refined in an iterative process until the final design is agreed upon.
The final design is then built based upon the mock ups from the previous stage.
All programming and development work is done and integrated with the front end design. Clients have access to development server at all times.
Ongoing Testing
The work is constantly tested as part of the development process.
Final Testing
Once the site is complete, it is rigorously tested and any bugs are ironed out.
Site Launch
The final site is uploaded to the live web site and launched.
Plainsail Solutions provides an online support and maintenance solution.
Any agreed online marketing activities are executed.

We believe the Internet is the best tool for reaching out to existing customers and connecting with potential customers

Many Web design firms can build a Web site, but only a few companies can effectively integrate your Web site into your business and make it a success. Typically, our work at Plainsail Solutions involves or revolves around the Web as a primary means of running your business, projecting your organization and communicating your message to the World.

We will work with you to determine the most you can get out of your Web site and deliver the best solution possible.

We pride ourselves in going the extra mile to make you look great. We can’t help it, it’s in our nature. And it doesn’t stop after the Web site development is complete. We will continue to guide you with our exceptionally high level of personal service to get you through any obstacles you encounter and continue to make your business a success.