Web Design: Getting Started


Three Simple Steps! OR Just One? Setting up a website for your business is easy!!!

Just follow these Three steps to owning your own website, or call Plainsail Solutions:

  • Domain Name registration.
  • Web Design.
  • Web and Email Hosting.
  • Domain Name registration

    1. You will need a name for your site.
    2. Your own domain name would look like this ” www.yourname.com “, (ours is www.plainsailsolutions.net)
    3. Protect your company/brand name by purchasing your name now, to use at any time in the future.
    4. We can purchase and register the Domain Name of your choice subject to availability.

    Web Design

    1. A web page is simply a page of information. (You are looking at a web page now.)
    2. A web site is a collection of web pages, linked by a common theme ie. your company information.
    3. You may want to include pages containing the following information: a description about yourself or your company, details of your product/s, details of your service/s, contact information.
    4. By listening to your specific needs and requirements we will tailor the site specifically to your requirements, and not just provide an ‘off the shelf ‘ solution.
    5. By using the latest software and techniques we will design these pages for you and ‘create’ your unique website.

    Web hosting

    1. So now, you have a domain name and a website.
    2. Next you need some space on a webserver (a computer dedicated to storing webpages, and making them available to the internet for others to view).
    3. We can provide this space (this is called web hosting). Your hosting package will include features like email and cPanel etc.

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